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someone recently asked me – how would you describe your style?  i honestly had to think about it.  the truth is, i like a little a bit of everything!  from tailored trousers and vintage blouses to high waists and flared denim, shift dresses and maxi skirts – if i like something, i like it.  plus, it really depends on my mood.  some days i feel like a woodland nymph, running around barefoot, wearing a gauzy maxi dress, but then other days i feel like james spader’s secretary.  to each his/her own.  don’t judge.  anyway…

through it all, one thing remains the same – less is more.  that is how i would describe my style.  like, wear those drop crotch “hammer” pants (as seen above), but maybe they should be black and not 90’s neon squiggles.  or wear the neon squiggles, but maybe the top shouldn’t be a purple members only jacket.  then again, i know some girls who could pull that shit off like no biggie.  so what do i know?

i guess what i’m saying is – i like to add an element of uniqueness, but i also prefer to keep it simple.  i’m not one to pile on the trends like so many women do these days.  a belted sweater over a blouse with a statement necklace – so trendy, much fashion.  no.  not for me.  it’s boring.  it’s expected.

when i was nominated as a finalist for the redbook real women style awards, i immediately compared myself to the other contestants.  i doubted my style.  i wondered why i was nominated.  after all, my looks are pretty simple – pants, tops, a skirt here and there… there’s not a lot of “styling” in my outfits.  but that’s okay!  i’d like to think that maybe i represent the chicks who don’t cater to the trend salad mentality.  who reach for a tshirt and a great pair of jeans and pile on the gold jewels.  who wear a little black dress and a sassy pair of hot pink heels.  YAS.  that’s what i’m talking about.  also, to represent the chicks who don’t max out their credit cards to wear the latest and greatest.  i’m the girl who finds an 80’s tropical print blouse at goodwill and wears it with a pair of high waist jeans.  that’s enough for me.  if 80’s tropical print isn’t a statement, i don’t know what is.

ladies, you don’t have to wear all the things to be stylish.  that’s all i’m saying.  fist bump. 

so if you don’t mind, please click the link above and vote for me.  i’d actually love to be on the cover of redbook magazine.  how awesome would that be?!  remember, you can vote daily until may 22nd.

thank you!  and happy Monday.

*photo cred to mark persson

04. May 2015 by paige
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  1. son of a…. if i commented with my sisters login again – sorry hahahaha. please delete it.

    so here we go again : yes and yes to james spader in secretary and simplicity!


  2. I just voted. And ever since I found you, I’ve become enchanted with your style. It totally rocks. Btw, I mentioned you on my post today just because I’m that stoked to have found you.

    I hope you get it! And being nominated, that’s pretty %^&*( awesome too!


    Ann from Kremb de la Kremb

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