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happy february!  it’s my birthday month.  woot woot.  i’ll be 35.  t h i r t y f i v e.  insert wide-eyed emoji here.  but you know what?  i’m not stressing.  i’m happy… i feel good.  healthy.  strong.  wearing crop tops in february.  this is winter in california, people.  crop tops and flip flops year round.  it’s magical.  and kinda ridiculous.  read:  flip flops paired with jeans and a sweatshirt.  weird.

i’ll tell ya… i recently wore open-toed ankle boots/heels to a party – it was cold and rainy and i stepped in a puddle on the way into the club (yeah, the club.  that’s what i said.  which sounds silly now that i’m almost ancient.  kidding.)  anyway, i mentioned this annoying mishap to another party-goer (nooooow i’m sounding my age.) and she looks at me… sorta squints her eyes… cocks her head to the side and says, “it’s january. (condescending pause) it’s winter.”  and proceeds to lift up the leg of her jeans to show me her closed toe boots.  i’m like – bitch, you wanna go?  no, that didn’t happen.  but i did say SO!  and stomped off with my squishy, wet toes to find someone who gets me.  or to the bar to drown my embarrassment in a gin and tonic.  because she’s right.  open-toed shoes in the rain??  no.  or yes, but don’t complain to level-headed people when you step in a puddle.

lesson learned.  and that’s what i’m here to do people – teach you important fashion lessons.

copy this look:
hippie love
maxi skirt – local boutique (similar)
fifth sun crop top – target on major clearance (similar)
floppy hat from marshall’s (similar)
gage huntley harness quartz necklace

02. February 2015 by paige
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  1. you look amazing!!! also, I have to say I’ve worn open toed shoes many a time in the rain- it’s a weird California thing, like you forget what puddles on the ground are! I also am one of the weirdos who wears my flip flops with sweatshirts, scarves or a beanie on- my husband (who is from England) remarks on it all of the time, so I’m making an effort to wear close toed shoes- my new motto: if I’m “winter” on top I’ve got to be “winter” on the bottom. lol!

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