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fun fact:  i haven’t purchased a new bathing suit since april of 2011.  i know, right?

i used to be that girl who bought at least 2 new suits every summer.  admittedly, since i birthed my second child, i haven’t necessarily been chomping at the bit to get in a suit and flaunt my bod.  and while i take a pilates or barre class up to 3 times a week or run 2 to 3 miles when i can, i’m just not bikini ready.  ever.  like, for the last few summers.  therefore, bathing suit shopping hasn’t been at the top of my list.

… until i decided that we’d have zoey’s bday party at the beach.  and then i set my sights on the beautiful one-piece you see above.  i wanted it so bad, but it was about 50 bucks and i just didn’t have the extra funds at the time.  booooo.  i kid you not, a few days later i got an email from zaful, asking me if i wanted to review an item of clothing from their site.  AND WOULDN’T YOU KNOW IT THIS BATHING SUIT WAS ON THE SITE AND THEY WANTED TO GIVE IT TO ME FOR FREE.  seriously, i’m starting to think that putting positive shit out into the universe is legit.  maybe i should stop being so cranky.  anyway, that’s a topic for another blog post.  today we’re talking about THIS SUIT.

so i get it in the mail and immediately run upstairs to try it on… aaaaaaaand… you can literally see through the suit and straight to my lady bits.  like, wow.  talk about leaving nothing to the imagination.  hey everyone – say hello to my vagina!  definitely not appropriate for a kid’s bday party.  i was sad!  because the rest of the suit is so dope and it fits me so well.  i ended up wearing it to the party, but i wore loungy pants to cover my bits.  it wasn’t until i got home and had to take photos for this post, that a light bulb went off and i shoved a thin bra pad (i know that sounds weird, but it worked like a charm) into the crotch of the suit.  BOOM.  there ya go.  problem solved.

i adore this suit.  it’s flattering and modern and holds everything in where it should.  i may not think that i’m bikini ready, but wearing this little number makes me feel sexy.  so that’s something!  also, i had a great experience with zaful – thank you! – and now i don’t have to buy a new suit until 2020.

i do want to say this… while the folks over at zaful were wonderful – my item arrived in great condition and exactly as pictured – i’ve read some not so great reviews.  zaful has a lot of trendy items at incredible prices, but know who you’re buying from and what their return policies entail.

disclaimer:  while this suit was courtesy of zaful, all opinions are my own.

26. August 2015 by paige
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