thai basil ground beef bowl w/ cauliflower rice

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(I’m a bit behind – sorry!)

Super easy and super packed with flavor. This was a family favorite.

I used to shy away from, well… cooking in general, but especially cooking ethnic-inspired dishes. I wrongly assumed that exotic flavors and ingredients meant that the recipe itself would be harder to imitate. Not the case. This dish couldn’t have been easier. Plus, I’m 100% certain that we didn’t consume as much sodium as we might if ordering something like this in an actual Thai restaurant. Raise your hand if you balloon up like a freak after knocking back a couple plates of Mongolian Beef or Gang Ped. (Imagine me raising my hand.)

So there’s that. There’s also this cauliflower as rice business. I’m into it. I feel like I’m really pulling one over on the family when I can get them to like something that’s posing as something else. It’s kinda similar to when I dream of posing as a statue reading a book in the corner of the room. No, I’m not your mother – I’m a statue. Go away. But that’s for another post. Let’s get back to food. Cauliflower rice is great if you’re looking to cut carbs. Yes, trick the family into eating healthier and trim those thighs in the process. Is it a significant amount of carb-cutting? Not sure. Google it.

I’m about to wrap this up, but I thought I’d mention that you should invest in a food processor if you plan to make cauliflower rice. We have one, but when I plugged it in and secured the lid… nothing happened. I tried every outlet in the kitchen to no avail. So I resorted to grating two heads of cauliflower… with the small holes of a cheese grater. Scraping a few knuckles in the process, cauliflower was everywhere – in my hair, on the floor. I was just finishing up when Mark came home. I complained a little bit, he swore it was working just fine, plugged it in, secured the lid CORRECTLY and the damn thing worked like a charm. We had a moment of silence for my sanity as he quickly opened a bottle of wine and poured me a large glass. He’s a smart man.

The moral of this story is that if I can learn to be a convincing statue, I won’t have to make dinner at all.

Find this delicious recipe, here.

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