rockets of awesome: a review

Last time I took Zoey shopping I spilled my latte in the cart, spent an ungodly amount of time arguing with a 5-year-old about sleeve lengths, and had to put a ban on anything with Peppa Pig gracing the front. And c’mon Target – if you’re gonna have a Starbucks available to me, please add cup holders to your carts.

My point is that it’s almost never fun to take your (little) kids shopping for clothing. Hell, it’s not even fun to take myself shopping, sometimes! That’s why subscription box programs like Le Tote and Stitch Fix are so convenient.. tell them your favorite styles, colors, etc and voila – a box is sent to your door. You try it all on, keep/pay for what you like and send back the rest. WITHOUT EVER LEAVING YOUR HOUSE OR LOOKING AT A GENEROUS SPRINKLING OF CELLULITE ON YOUR BUT IN A TERRIBLY LIT DRESSING ROOM. (I’m speaking for myself here and pointing the finger at Nordstrom.)

Anyway! They have one of these super convenient subscription boxes for kids, too! Its called Rockets of Awesome and.. it’s awesome. And a breeze to set up.. visit their site, build a style profile for your son(s) and/or daughter(s), sized 2-14, and the good peeps behind ROA will send you 8-12 outfit ready items, all under $40 – FOR FREE. Keep/pay for what you love, send back the rest!

Zoey loved opening her personally curated box! Who doesn’t love getting mail? And guess what? The inside of the box has a fun scene that, when unfolded, can be colored! It took us two days to color the entire thing, but the whole family pitched in and it kept Zoey occupied for hours! Thumbs up on that little feature.

On to the clothing!

She rec’d 8 items total and we kept these 4:

Cosmic Leggings $24 / Long Sleeve Star Crew $26 / Long Sleeve Lace-Hem Stripe $28 / Confetti Hoodie $26

Super cute, but sent back:

We would’ve kept the bomber jacket – it’s so freaking adorable – but it was a bit snug.

Everything was cute and pretty close to Zoey’s personal style, but we’ll have 3 more deliveries throughout the year, so this was a good start! It’s all made with quality, durability and comfort in mind.. no scratchy or hard to move around in materials, here.

Also, if we change our minds about something after it’s been sent back, we can just go to the website and buy it!
Ps. I recommend that you size up on hoodies and sweatshirts for layering purposes.

Give it a try – it’s convenient for you and fun for the kids!
Use my code to join –
If you make a purchase, we BOTH get one item for FREE. Yay!

Have fun!

06. January 2017 by paige
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