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Honestly, I should’ve just titled this post – how many times can I show you my back from different angles?

Who knew a peachy velvet body suit would be the thing to bring me out of blogging retirement? Was I even retired? I think I was just being lazy. What I really think is that I’ve been working out and loving my bod and feeling sassy and this body suit is velvety and mock turtle neck-y and the back is open (in case you didn’t notice) and it literally sang to me from the sale rack while I was supposed to be shopping for other people on Christmas Eve. (Forgive me, I get long-winded when I’m excited but feeling guilty.) Also I’ve been wearing leggings and sports bras for the last two weeks, so here we are. This is what I wore to Christmas dinner.

Now, I know all the cool kids are wearing mom jeans with everything, but sometimes, when you’re an actual mom, you prefer to slip into your high waist bell bottoms. Plus, body suit + tighter jeans = too sexy for Christmas dinner at dad’s house. Girl’s night out at Chili’s maaaaaybe.

Enough about the body suit. The real gem in these photos is the amazing bag that’s hanging on my shoulder! Hello Madewell O-Ring Leather Bucket Bag. It’s soft and beautiful and it’s so deep I’m literally pulling lamps and shit out of it a la Mary Poppins. I could probably put Zoey in it. It’s really good and it’s the kind of bag I’ll have forever because I’m not much of a bag lady. Santa knows what’s up.

So this was fun! It probably shouldn’t have taken over an hour to write considering I didn’t  say anything of huge importance, but I showed up! And that’s half the battle.

27. December 2016 by paige
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