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just reading, quoting, boating, babein, hanging with my girl zoey, getting my hair did… you know – the usual.

i finished reading beautiful ruins by jess walter a few days ago and i must say – it’s one of the most intriguing books i’ve read in quite some time.  i’m terrible at reviews though, so that’s pretty much all i have to say.  just read it.  i also read ellen’s book seriously…i’m kidding.  there were a few hysterical moments, but it was a meh read for me.  i’m not really sure what the point is, but it was entertaining nonetheless.

speaking of hysterical… i came across omglilterallydead (6th photo from the top) on instagram and it’s pretty much everything.  it’s basically a play on people being beyond dramatic and “dying” over things – “omg, dying” – over photos of a cute baby or “literally dead” over an amazing pair of shoes.  i’m guilty of it and i can make fun of myself (but mostly others) so it cracks me up.  check it out.  you’ll die.  <side eye>

in other news, i have done absolutely nothing to get ready for the holidays.  no tree, no decorations, zero shopping done… what kind of a mother am i?!  so, i’ll do that this weekend.  turn on some christmas tunes, drink some spiked egg nog and cry decorate.

so hey – that’s it!  happy tuesday.

nice talkin’ with ya.

09. December 2014 by paige
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  1. Hahahaha!!!! Seriously, when I read the word cry striked out I died (you can’t not say it)

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