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Fun fact – i don’t cook. I’m incredibly insecure when it comes to cooking. I’m terrible at time management and I almost always eff something up. Plus I have zero food imagination.

But when your husband sort of looks at you with those puppy dog eyes and says that he’d love a home-cooked meal every night, you yell at him about it being 2016, not 1950, then remind him that you work full-time just like he does. Lucky for him (you’re not fitting into your skinny jeans like you were a few weeks ago and you have a feeling it’s because you’re always grabbing takeout) you like to see him happy, so you make an effort.

So anyway, I meal planned! Sort of. This week (for sure) our home will be takeout/fast food-free. Every meal, while not my own, will be home-cooked and “beginner” and I will document the experience right here. You know, in case you’re a non-cook like me and need a good laugh or some easy recipes.

Monday / Sesame Chicken with Broccoli

Right off the bat I had to Google ‘how to mince garlic’. Turns out you can use the prongs of a fork to do this! It’s so much easier than chopping it up with a knife or even using a garlic press. Boom! Learned something new.

So at this point, I’m feeling pretty cocky about my skills – I haven’t spilled anything and I just minced like a pro. In celebration, I pour myself a glass of white wine because all of a sudden I’m into pairing and white seems to go with Asian dishes.

After the wine, it was smooth sailing until Zoey pointed out that I overcooked the broccoli. She didn’t get dessert. Remember that.

The most difficult part for me was prepping the chicken. I’m terrified of undercooking and raw meat makes me a bit squeamish. (Side story: when I was pregnant with Taylor, I attempted a similar dish, but the raw chicken made me so sick to my stomach!) All this time, I’ve tried my best to avoid it. So if you’re reading this and thinking – big deal, she cooked chicken – it really was a challenge for me! I wasn’t just throwing breasts in the pan, I had to cut it into little cubes! That’s a lot of raw meat touching.

Overall it was super easy, delicious, and healthy! Everyone loved it and I’m sure I’ll make it again. For details, click the recipe link above.

My goal is to continue cooking something new at least a few times a week. Getting out of my comfort zone and setting my insecurities aside always proves to make me a better, happier person. Oh and ps. my husband just couldn’t get enough of me last night! I guess that whole – food is the key to his heart thing – is legit!

So follow along, if you want! We can be insecure cooks together. But BYOW.

24. May 2016 by paige
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